Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Cat Chronicles

First of all thanks to Mitch (a Multiply colleague) for giving me the idea for the title. I write a lot and have my short stories and poems together in a  WordPress Site for some time: My Stories and Poems

I have now at last started to put my cat stories and poems on a separate site, also in WordPress: The Cat Chronicles

The Cat Chronicles are not yet finished, but there are a few stories already there. It will take some time to complete it all. I realised when doing this work, that I started it all some time in 2007 when my cats were three years younger (as well as me). I used to moderate on a cat web site based in the States and wrote a few stories there about their cats. Anyhow you are welcome to look in. There is a lot of old stuff, which has already appeared on Multiply.

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