Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Nera's Accident

Yes my big black fat cat with the long fur was just a little bit too wild this afternoon, just after dinner. But it always takes two to act stupid and her sister was enjoying the game as well. They were chasing each other around, playing cat and mouse with each other. Probably in winter when they don't go out so much, they get a bit frustrated and act stupid, just like little children. They were jumping on various parts of furniture and we have a small cat play center in their room - yes they do sort of have their own room where they retire when feeling tired. Anyhow suddenly the play centre fell down. Not a high one, but a solid one and must have landed on Nera's back leg. The result was a squeaking cat, obviously in pain, running away and dragging her back leg. Tabby just sat there as if to say, it was not my fault.

Mr. Swiss and I saw that there were small traces of blood on the floor and after a couple of minutes thinking things over we decided an emergency visit to the vets was necessary. We got ready and put her in her travel cage. She was surprisingly quiet on the way to the vets. We had to leave her there as they had to sedate her to make an x-ray. We returned home to wait for the report. They called us after almost two hours to say that she had broken two toes and that she would have to wear a splint for ten days. We could pick her up. Here is the x-ray photos that I took at the vets.

Nera the cat - her broken toes
If you look at the right hand side you can see where the bones had been broken. It has now been bound up and her leg is in a splint. If we are lucky (or Nera is lucky) it will grow together again, otherwise they will have to amputate the two toes, although it seems that cats recover well from such operations, and although she will walk with a limp afterwards, she will be able to walk with no problem. So at the moment this is what she looks like.
Nera with her leg in a splint
The vet said to bring her back after ten days for a new bandage unless it would fall off before. Then we would have to bring her earlier, although we have to go back in a week just to see how she is progressing. When we got her home she was still half sleeping from the sedation she got at the vets to put her to sleep for a while. She eventually had a bright moment and walked to another room, of course to hide. She just does not understand what has happened. Her leg just made a bit of a noise as it went across the stone floor and she was snarling and spitting all the way. At the moment she has found a safe place half under a settee and half in the open and seems to be drowsing again. Poor Nera, we just hope that she does not have to suffer too much. We have pain killing medicine from the vet, but Nera does not like taking medicine, although the vet said it is not so important. Sometimes it is better for the cats when it hurts, then they don't risk too much. Mr. Swiss and I are still recovering from the shock and we can only hope that things go well. Her sister seems to sense that something is not as usual.

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