Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Mono Monday Plus Sept. 20 - The Web

Spider Web

Here we have the original photo. I just loved the way the sun reflected on the spider's web, although I would have liked it to have reflected even better. So I decided to try and do something. The spider was making a lunch break somewhere under a leaf, so I could work on the photo without being disturbed.

I took the picture to Pic Nik and turned it into monochrome. Did a bit of tweaking and turning until the contrast suited me. I then decided to highlight the spider's web. They now have a tool called Highlights in Pik Nik. You can just choose the colour you want and with a firm steady hand you trace over the part you want highlighted in the colour you want. My hand is no longer as steady and firm as it should be, but with a little bit of luck I managed to do the job, highlighting the web in the nearest shade I could get to the reflection of the sun. I put a frame around it in pik nik and voila here it is.

Spider Web

Click here for larger size

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