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Mono Monday Plus October 18th 2010

One of those weeks where I just didn't have any ideas. I did one, but didn't like it and then remembered a photo I took on one of my walks along the local river.  It wasn't the river but something that was standing on a field next to the river.

Electicity pylons along the River Aare
This is the original with nothing done to it. Actually I was lucky that day that the sky decided to co-operate. I put it into Photoshop and did a monochrome, playing about with the effects - a little bit more plus here and minus there, until I thought it looked ok and this was the result.

pylons b.w
All very dismal as if the day of judgement was arriving. I decided to try out the paint thing in photoshop and painted the metal supports gold, but was still unhappy. I saved it and then I thought a bird belongs on the wire. Unfortunately I only had pigeons and nothing like crows. I then remembered my parrot that the vet used to have in his surgery when I visited with the cats. The parrot is now in an animal home, but I still have a few photos. I took this one, because his feet were in the right place for sitting on a wire afterwards.
Blue Front Amazon Parrot
Put it in Photoshop and removed the background with the magic wand. My parrot was now on his own so I transferred him to my black and white photo with the yellow pylons. I had to make him smaller as he was a bit out of proportion.

I saved the photo and went over to Piknik. I found they had a lot of useful applications for halloween. I tried out about three different sorts of lightening, but I like the blue lightening best of all. I decided a moon would also be a good idea so put that up as well, still in Piknik. I made a frame and there we are.

parrot on pylons
Click here for larger size
You think we are finished. So did I, but this morning I had another quick look and saw another halloween effect that Piknik had so I tried it out. It makes everything a big blurred, according to how much you want it to blur. I made the parrot the centre and kept his contours, blurring everything around him and this is the result.

parrot on pylons
Click here for larger size
Now I am finished. I find the more you play with these programmes the more you discover.

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