Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Mono Monday Plus - Autumn Leaves

It has been a long while since I even looked at photoshop and now I have used it again, thanks to the resurrection of Mono Monday. How I missed it. At my age it has to be learning by doing and when I can't do any doing, then I don't learn. Anyhow, I wiped the cobwebs of picnic and photo shop away and used a couple of photos. The sky was in my album of backgrounds and I am still a threat to everything and everyone in my surroundings when I am armed with the camera. They had new decorations in the local supermarket for Autumn so of course I took a photo from the gallery.

Migros Herbstdekorationen, Langendorf

And now for a bit of layering in photoshop. No problem, when you are as good at it as Gary, Baz or any other of the professionals that guide us through the problems are. However, Gary and Baz do not live in Switzerland and I don't even have their telephone number to call them on Skype, so left on my own with Mr. Swiss who only really takes photos with a camera I had to comb through the cobwebs in my brain and see what secrets were laying below.

With a combination of my two photos of the sky and leaves I removed all the unwanted trash on the leaf photo and here is the result. The frame is from Picnic. By the way, did I tell you that Flickr have now re-organised their programme. I had to do a quick course in HTML to get the photo on this site without the stupid blue line around it and that was not easy because I had forgotten how that worked as well. Anyhow here is the finished product, not my usual professional photo but I did it. I softened the oulines of the leaves as well to take off the photo treament in photoshop.

Autumn Leaves

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