Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Mono Monday November 15th

I was at a loss this week what to do, so I took one of my cow photos (we have more cows in Switzerland than people I think).

Cow in Feldbrunnen
The next was into CS3 Photo shop for a monochrome. I twiddled around a bit, making the background as dark as possible. I then put a frame on it in Piknik and here is the result.

Cow black and white
The next step was to do something with it. I put the cow into a sort of paint mode, which I am not very good at. I then removed her from the grass and put her on a stony background, because I happened to have a stony background in my photos. Then into Piknik for a mirror frame and here is the result.

Cow and Stones grob malerei
For a final effort I discovered that Piknik now have stuff for thanksgiving. I gave the cow a thanksgiving hat and a turkey for company. Then I added a fancy frame from Piknik and afterwards a black one. Here is the result.

fences and cows 012 oil betüpft weich
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