Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Just felt like writing something #1

Swiss Alps seen from Feldbrunnen

Although this is #1 in the series of writing something, it is not said that there will be a #2 or #3 for that matter, but who knows.

I think this is the first independent blog I have written for about a year, but perhaps my absence gave me inspiration to start torturing everyone with what I have been doing.

You may have missed my epic stories or my lyrical poems - you didn't? Well don't worry, the publishers, newspapers, or world critics did not miss them either and I have still not been nominated for the Pulitzer prize.

So where was I - not far away actually, Just on the next tab to Multiply on my computer in a land called Facebook. It was an interesting journey, full of farms, restaurants, desert islands and even a town where I owned a house and an apartment. I was just thinking about buying a beach house when I realised that this was not the essence of life I really needed. I also gave up my farm, because I started another one, I then realised that this was a boring farm but found a much better farm where I was making a turnover of six million coins per day. It was then I decided no, my muse was nudging me, and it was time to get back into the world of flash fiction. I didn't know it was called flash fiction, but apparently the short crime, ghost, horror and just general episodes that I write to get on everyone's nerves is flash fiction. Anyhow I will not go on any more about it, Anglo is back. She now goes into town accompanied by her camera snapping shots and generally making the world around her uncertain.

I have also started walking once again, although I notice that the older you get, the more rusty you get. Mr. Swiss took me on a walk at the week-end and the alps decided to show themselves , in honour of the walk I suppose.

I have even started walking into town about 2-3 times a week. I used to walk back as well, but have decided I am not ready for that yet, so I return by local road train. My muscles don't ache so much as they did after the first walk and it can only get better. I was actually searching for some jeans as I found that my size no longer corresponded to the ones I had. I ventured into a jeans shop and left again, discovering that the largest size they had I couldn't even get to my waist. Eventually I found a shop that caters for larger women, oh joy. I tried the largest size they had and they were a perfect fit. Bought two pair just to make sure and will go back next week to buy the rest of the stock they have.

I visited the hairdresser today. She decided to see how short she could cut it, that I still had hair on my head. Actually I didn't mind, as I like it short. I am not exactly a female Bruce Willis now, but not far from it.

My cats are all healthy, but getting older I noticed. They are mostly outside during the Summer, but they do not go on long safaris. They wait now until the mice come to them.  They are now preparing for Winter and searching for comfortable sleeping places at home. Their favourite is on top of the cupboard, but it seems that my big fat long haired black cat cannot get up there any more (she has weight problems perhaps) so she prefers to sleep on the clean washing that is ready to be ironed. I just love long black hairs on everything.

I have now almost finished my first two years of retirement. Looking back, I am glad I do not have to go to work any more. On the other hand, I know I have got lazy. When you work, you have to move, even if it is only by car. All the same movement is part of life. Now settled at home I have to give myself a push to move somewhere. We go shopping about three times a week with the car and Mr. Swiss drives. I just don't see why I should, which means that I drive perhaps once a month when I go to the local first aid society which I belong to. I happened to meet my driving teacher today (we still speak) and he said it would be a good idea for me to have an hour with him. Mr. Swiss also thinks it a good idea, so I might. Another problem is that I have only driven automatic for the past 10-15 years and I don't really want to start changing gears again.

So that will do for now. I have a busy evening in front of me. Half an hour East Enders on the TV, a book to finish reading and I might even go to my Facebook cafe - it is just on the next tab to Multiply.

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