Tuesday, 7 August 2012

A Stormy Night

Sunset in Feldbrunnen, Switzerland
Unfortunately the sky has not looked like this today. I think those wonderful sunsets are now finished. Our weather forecasters have been telling about the end of the "Martini Summer" weather we have been getting in Switzerland over the past week, with temperatures of up to 14° C and sunshine.

We were warned of gale force winds arriving tonight, and they were already here this afternoon. At the moment around 60 kilometers per hour, but could easily develop to 100 kilometers per hour, especially over the heights of the Jura mountains which form the background to our village. The blinds on the windows are already vibrating. We have removed all movable equipment from the patio and are hoping for the best. Seems that Autumn/Fall will be finished tomorrow and we will probably be sweeping the leaves together. It has also been prophesied that there will be strong rainfalls.

My cats have already decided to have a stay at home evening. Tabby was sent out by her colleague cats to have a look to see how it is, but after five minutes having a leaf war outside she came in and told the other two cats it will be better to stay at home tonight. Nera, the boss of the cat tribe, has already taken the top position on the cat play center, Fluffy has curled up on the settee and Tabby is still looking for somewhere to sleep.

I will not go far this evening either. Just a walk down to my washing machine to put the wash in and then a nice quiet evening curled up in front of the TV - after all the East Enders are on tonight. Tomorrow the storm continues, but the days where I had to drag myself out of bed in the morning at six are now long gone. One of the advantages of being retired. My oldest son did tell me about the wonderful sun rise he sees at the moment when he goes to work at 6.30 in the morning. How the sun reflects red on the snow of the alps, if it is a clear morning. I was almost stupid enough to decide to get up in the morning to go with him and take a few photos. Somehow I overslept that one this morning, and now it is too late in any case, Winter is almost upon us, although snow has not yet been forecast.

Our car has also had an accident, all on its own. It was parked at the cemetery car park (must have been an omen) and a lady drove into the door making a wonderful dent and a nice deep line before she decided to stop. She was a very nice honest lady and left a note under the windscreen wiper confessing to her deed.  The car is now being treated and we hope will be cured by tomorrow, or at least the beginning of next week. We now have a substitute car which is ok, but you have to change the gears yourself. Sort of putting the foot on the clutch and pulling the gear lever when changing speeds or going up and down hills.

I am glad that I do not drive any more, only under exceptional circumstances. I think I have forgotten how a non-automatic car functions. Of course, Mr. Swiss has no problem, but he is a man.

Now time to drink my coffee and see what has happened in the rest of the world today on the television.

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