Saturday, 12 December 2009

MULTIPLY: Wordsmiths Challenge #22: The Cat

cat and girl

Inside looking out, what a wonderful place to be
There was another time and place, was hungry but was free

Roaming the streets, my mother was gone
A cat on its own, no-one cared
I fought for my life against other beasts
For a garbage can where food was spared

Then there arrived a frosty night
The snow made me shake and feel bad
I found a warm place by a door of a house
I was weak and I felt very sad

A meow was the only thing I could say
But it seems that my weak voice was heard
I suddenly felt warm air near the door
I was wrapped in a blanket and stirred

“Oh mummy just look at this poor little cat
So thin and so very weak
It is snowing outside, it is shaking with cold
A warm place by the door it did seek

It is Christmas Eve and it is so alone
Please let us give it to eat
A warm place to sleep and a cuddle or two
And of course a bowl of fresh meat.”

So now you know why I sit on this ledge
With my rescuer still at my side
I am so thankful for the care I now have
And she loves me I know that with pride

So if you find a cat in the cold
Then open the door to your heart
A little girl took me into her arms
She calls me Christmas, that was a good start


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  2. Hehe, nice! I love rhymey poetry!

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