Tuesday, 17 November 2009

MULTIPLY Wordsmiths Challenge #16: It's a cat's life

tabbycat and books

Furry moments in furry places
A warm winter fire when is cold without
Just watching the world pass and smelling its life
So nice and tranquil, but then a shout
“No, not on my papers you lazy cat
My favourites to read are full of hair”
“Silly human, it is your very own fault
For sleeping it is my favourite lair.”
So up jumped the cat and left her place
and the human could read her books
The cat was still tired, but found a new bed
But from human she still got bad looks
“Cat I must tell you that is really not nice
You are laying on my bed”
If cat could talk he would say “it is mine”
But the cat just shook his head
So feline friend moved into the bathroom
And rolled himself up on the floor
The human was busy reading her books
But cat felt a draught through the door
He sleeked back to human and jumped on her lap
He found that was warm and fine
He started to purr, he knew what he wanted
He gave the human a sign
Human gave up and the cat had its way
Human replaced the books on the floor
Cat slept on the books and human had peace
A cat you cannot ignore

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