Friday, 20 November 2009

MULTIPLY United Friends Challenge #198: In Memorium

Caghs' Challenge
Write a short story (750 words or less) about something that goes badly wrong, only to turn into something wonderful.
It has to start as an ‘end of the world’ crisis, and turn into a blessing.

You may use any theme or storyline you like (within UFC guidelines) and it can be based on something that really happened, or purely fictional

Lady had a quick death. We found her with her eyes covered by it’s third lid, not a healthy sign for a cat. She was hiding, or just lying around listless. She did not look well.

“Go to work” husband said. “If anything happens, I will call you.”

It was with mixed feelings and a heavy heart that I drove off that morning. During the afternoon the fateful call came.

“You must take her to the vets, it has got worse.”

You know when things happen that you do not like, accidents happen. Wanting to be there and do something, I got into the car, reversed and drove into the car parked behind me. I went to the owner who worked in our company. He was understanding, told me not to worry, his colleague had a garage and he would do the necessary repairs. Our car? – just a bit of colour on the bumper, but I did not care, I had other problems.

“I have already called the vet, they are waiting for her” said my husband when I arrived home.

I put her in her carrying cage, into the car and a five minute drive that seemed like five hours, with a sick cat.

“She does not look good” said the vet “but leave her here; we will do what we can.”

What can you do when a six month old cat, barely out of the kitten age, is dying? Just hope it does not die. She did, on the next morning when the vet called and said he could do nothing more for her. A piece of my heart and my husbands had been broken off. She was such a darling, sweet, pretty, and affectionate. She had given us her love for six months and it was at an end. Her name was Lady and she was loved.

“No more cats” said my husband.

I know this was right, but I knew this could not be the end of a love affair. Lady came from the household belonging to a friend of a friend at work. Things sometimes can happen that are a surprise, perhaps a twist of fate, but they happen. Lady’s mother had again had a midnight meeting with one or two tom cats, the result was four kittens. “If you are interested?” said my friend.

Of course I was interested, but I decided this time it must be two cats.

I arrived home “Lady’s mother has had another litter, this time four kittens.”

“You want another cat? Are you sure after what we went through with Lady’s death.”

“Yes, but this time I want two, and I can have two cats from the litter.”

Somehow we were both missing Lady, everywhere you looked at home you saw her sleeping on a chair, playing with a ball of wool, or just playing the fool.

“OK” said the partner. “Let’s do it.”

We still have Lady’s two half sisters, Nera and Tabby. They are now 7 years old and have become part of the family. Lady has never been forgotten. It was a long time until I could look at the photos we took without shedding a few tears, but she lives on in her two sisters I suppose, although I have a sneaky feeling that they are also half sisters. Mummy cats do not take it so serious with the partners and I think this time there were two fathers involved. Tabby and Nera are two different types of cat, in character and in looks, but they are inseparable.

In the meanwhile we have another cat known as Fluffy, a pure Selkirk Rex from another colleague who breeds cats. After an accident Fluffy came home blinded and sees nothing. He is six years old and four of his years spent without sight, but he is happy, and almost as independent as the other two cats.

Tabby and Nera both have mutual feelings for our little blind Fluffy, they do not like him, but Fluffy is not bothered. He lives in his own little world, as most cats. We love all three of them, even if they are selfish, arrogant, and sometimes aggressive. They are cats and sometimes they might even treat us as if they like us.

One day tragedy will hit us again when our cats grow old and weak, or perhaps have an accident, but this is a fate we cannot escape.

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