Tuesday, 10 November 2009

MULTIPLY United Friends Challenge #195: Who is really guilty?

Kittigory's Challenge

Write about a forbidden love.
Begin the story in the middle somewhere, and stop before there is a resolution.
However, be sure that your reader can figure out some important things that came before, as well as how it is likely to end, from what you write.
The expected ending does NOT have to be "happily ever after".

“You are late Jean. I don’t have all day you know, they are quite strict with times in this place. Stop fiddling with your hands and sit still. So how are things are at home?”

“Fine Steve, just fine. The kids are spending the week with mum and dad.”

“You mean your mum and dad. Oh, that’s just fine. They will probably hate me even more when I come out of this place.”

Since Steve had been put away in prison, contact with him seemed even worse than before, although she knew she had nothing to fear at the moment. The beatings, swearing and drinking were something of the past, she hoped. She remembered so well the evening when he punched her in the face because she had forgotten to fill up the fridge with beer. He stamped out of the house and banged the door to the car driving off in a temper.

You don’t drive when you are drunk” was her last thought. The next time she saw Steve was in prison. He had killed a man on the street, drove over him, and now was sitting out his just reward in prison. He had been sentenced to ten years, but Jean sometimes wished he had got life. She felt guilty herself. She married Steve because she loved him, but it seemed there were two Steves in her life, one for good days and the other for bad. She left the prison after visiting time was over. It was just an hour, but those hours seemed to be the longest in her life.

She walked to the car park and climbed into a car. It was then that she had to let herself go and started to cry, just cry away the shame and the anger, everything at once. The driver of the car put his arm around her.

“Was it that bad Jean? Did you tell him, about us? How did he take it?”

“No Phil, I just could not bring it over my lips. You should have seen him. Sitting at that table, his eyes still full of hate. I am sure he still thinks that the man he killed was to blame for the accident. I remember his words at the trial “he just walked into my car, did not look right or left”. I think if I had told him what we are planning today, it would have increased his anger even more. He really seems to be under the impression that everyone else is wrong. In a way I feel sorry for him. I am sure that with professional help he could become the Steve I married again.”

“Forget that Jean. That will never happen. He will not leave that prison for ten years and that is enough time for us to build a new life. You suffered enough under his hands and now I am here to take care of you and the kids.”

“If only it was so easy. He asked how the kids were today and I told him they were staying with my parents. He was not happy about that.”

“Perhaps you should have told him the truth. The kids are fine and enjoying life at my parent’s farm. They are really happy with the animals. At last they can relax and enjoy life.”

“You know, Phil, ten years are not so long. One day he will come out and even sooner than we think, if he behaves himself in that prison and gets the help he needs. What will we do then?”

“We will think about that when the day is here. In the meanwhile you are staying with me. I love you Jean and I will not let that freak come between us. The divorce papers are ready. I set them up myself in the office this morning. All you have to do is sign and the rest takes care of itself. You are now together with a lawyer Jean, and have no further worries. Things will go nice and smoothly from now on.”

Then they drove off and Jean had stopped crying. It was true, Phil was a lawyer and a good one. He was certainly the right man to help under difficult circumstances, but she still had a guilty feeling. A plan began to grow in her mind. “What would be my chances if I shot Steve on the day he is released and arrives at my door?” Of course, she had not mentioned the idea to Phil, she did not want to trouble him. He was such a good man. The kids loved him and she felt so happy in his arms. Ten years was enough time to work out the details. She slept well that night, hoping that everything would be fine eventually.

On that day it was the last time that she visited Steve in prison.

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