Tuesday, 3 November 2009

MULTIPLY Rity's "Riting" Challenge #45: Segways for Switzerland


E-Mail from:
Chief Heinz Dubeli
Police Department,
Bernese Alps


To: Segway Human Transporter Company
Somewhere in America

Dear Sirs,

Through a colleague of mine that was shortly on a vacation in the States I saw a photo of your human transport system. It seems to have become very popular with the American police in various states. I have now decided that this would also be very useful for Swiss use but have a few open questions before placing my order.

1. How many gears do they have? Most of our police stations in the Bernese Overland lie at more than one thousand meters above sea level. Up to now our police teams have used the bicycle in summer and skis in the winter. Could we use the Segway to replace these two transport methods? Please bear in mind that steep upward slopes must be overcome. We assume that downhill is no problem.

2. Do they have powerful brakes? Our police teams travel at high speeds, particularly when crossing valleys. Up to now we have had no problem with the bike or ski. We just have to take it slow on the curves. Or perhaps the Segway is so designed that it can easily overcome descents from our alpine mountains crossing mounting streams and climbing boulders without problem.

4. Is there a possibility to transport goats or cows, perhaps with a small trailer that can be fixed to the wheels? Please bear in mind that life in the Swiss mountains relies on co-operation. Some villages are scattered in isolated valleys and our police force is often called for to assist in bringing the animals to the milking stations usually situated at central points.

5. We do have cases of theft where our police must be prepared to partake in a chase. Very often a cow is stolen, or perhaps wedges of cheese and the thieves usually have their own routes of escape, crossing mountain streams and walking through forests. Can your human transporter cope with such problems, at high speeds naturally?

We trust that your company can oblige with our wishes and please rest assured that after receiving your positive comments, we will be prepared to place an order for at least ten segways. One remaining request from our milk collecting stations; is there room on the Segway for transportation of milk churns. This would be very helpful for our farmers that otherwise must put them on a cart pulled by a horse.

Thanking you for your prompt reply

Chief Heinz Dubeli

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