Saturday, 14 November 2009

MULTIPLY Creative Challenge #78 Puzzling Occurrence

The telephone was ringing and Christine was busy in the kitchen.

“Karl, can you answer it please?” she asked her husband.

“I am reading the newspaper, do I have to?”

“Either you answer it or I let the meat burn in the pan.”

“Ok, ok, I will go. “Hello, here is Schmidt, can I help you?”

“Hello, it’s Amy, I am at the station. You can pick me up.”

This was quite confusing for Karl. First of all he was a German, and lived in Germany and the girl on the telephone was speaking English with a strong American accent. Secondly, which was even stranger, Karl’s wife Christine was actually English and Karl was used to having people calling on the telephone speaking English, but this time he knew that they were definitely not expecting any English speaking visitors with an American accent.

“Christine, I think you should come to the ‘phone. Are we expecting anyone called Amy that might be an American?”

“What are you talking about Karl. I don’t know anyone in America with that name.”

“She is on the phone and says she is at the station. I think she expects to be picked up.”

“Ok, give me the phone and go and keep an eye on the dinner before it burns.”

Christine took the phone and spoke.

“Hello, can I help you?”

“Oh, yes, of course. It’s Amy and I am at the station.”

“But I don’t know anyone called Amy and I am not expecting anyone. Are you sure you have the right number.”

“Of course, Dave gave it to me and said when I arrived I should call and I will be picked up.”

“I think you have something wrong here” answered Christine. “I do not know Dave. It is just a coincidence that I speak English. Where are you calling from?”

“I am in a telephone cabin at the station; the one in the underground passage next to the flower shop.”

“Just a minute, this is a very puzzling occurrence. We don't have a flower shop in a passage at our local station. Where are you exactly?”

“I told you at the station in Frankfurt.”

“This is getting very intriguing. You have called our telephone number. We are not in Frankfurt, but in Heidelberg. Something is wrong somewhere.”

“But this is the number I have. Dave is expecting me. I have a long journey behind me from the States and am just looking forward to seeing Dave again. I have something of importance for him.”

“I would help you if I could, but I just don’t know you. Please tell me the exact telephone number you have.”

And Amy read out the number. It then became clear to Christine.

“Amy listen, you have dialled a wrong number. The first numbers are wrong. You have dialled the call number for Heidelberg instead of Frankfurt” and Christine gave Amy the correct number.

“Thanks a lot” said Amy, “but I have a problem. I don’t have any foreign currency left for the telephone.”

Christine decided to help Amy, who she did not know.

“OK Amy, I tell you what we will do. I will phone the number and tell Dave that you are waiting at the station to be picked up, but stay where you are. I will tell him you are standing next to the telephone booth next to the flower shop in the passage, ok.”

“OK and thanks a lot.”

So Christine phoned Dave for Amy.

“Hello, am I talking to Dave? I have a message from Amy.”

“Dave, oh Dave is not here at the moment, but perhaps I can help. I know he is expecting Amy, so just let me know where she is.”

“Fine” answered Christine. “Amy is waiting at Frankfurt main station in the passage next to the flower shop.”

“Well that’s just wonderful. We are so looking forward to seeing Amy again. I will be there straight away.”

“Did you here that Dave, your little friend Amy is at the station? Oh, sorry Dave, I forgot, I killed you a few minutes ago. Well don’t worry, I will look after Amy.” Joe Lucarelli smiled to himself. It certainly does not happen every day that someone calls to let you know that a kilo heroin has arrived. He then made his way to the station.

The next day Christine was surprised at the headlines in the national newspaper.

“Woman found dead at Frankfurt station” was the title, followed by a photo.

“Dead body of woman found in passage near the flower shop at Frankfurt station. It seems the cause of death was a gunshot wound, a direct hit. A passport was found issued in the name of Amy Johnson. After closer examination, traces of heroin were found in an empty plastic bag lying next to the corpse. It is believed that there is a strong connection to the American drug mafia, the brother of the deceased being Dave Johnson. The police have been on his trail for some time for drug smuggling.”

“What shall I do Kurt” she asked her husband.

“Nothing” was the reply. “I am not willing to get shot as well. Let’s just forget it.”

So Christine and Kurt went on with their life as usual Joe Lucarelli made a nice profit on the sale of the heroin, but his wealth was short lived. He was caught by the police and is now serving a long prison sentence in Sing Sing.

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