Monday, 26 October 2009

MULTIPLY United Friends Challenge #191: Couplets done, Battle is won

Lilangelwolf's Challenge

Sitting at my desk, what shall I write
Something for Halloween? Let’s have a fright

Nights are dark, keep windows closed
Vampire might visit, or a corpse decomposed

But after the fright, there will be a treat
The ghouls go to rest, ghosts take their sheet

The Winter arrives and with it the snow
Cats sleep night and day, they don’t want to go

Their paws get so cold, their whiskers will freeze
temperatures are sinking, below zero degrees

Cats curl up keep warm, in front of the fire
The humans will look, for what they require

Christmas will come, a turkey to cook
Relax in the evening and read a good book

New Year arrives with a glass of champagne
This couplet is long, exhausting my brain

Time passes by, the years make me older
Feel very tired, rheumatism in the shoulder

The end of the tunnel has much light in plenty
My couplet is done, the lines are now twenty.

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