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MULTIPLY United Friends Challenge #190: Curing a Cat Allergy

Sanctuaryrose’s Challenge

A black cat follows you wherever you go. Then one night while you are sleeping somehow this black cat sneaks into your house and sits upon your pillow beside you and when you wake up because you feel the weight of the cat and it watching you the cat speaks. "So are you ready to go now?" Feel free to get creative with this.

"But mummy why not, they are so sweet, Jenny now has two. Look at that nice black one watching us from the street corner. Oh please mummy.”

“No Jimmy, I would love to have a kitten as well, but it just will not work. I am allergic. Their fur just tickles my nose all the time, so I am afraid the answer is no.” although Penny Taylor would have liked to have adopted a little kitten for her son. She always had to sneeze and her eyes began to produce tears when she was near a cat. Penny and her son crossed the main road and she saw from the corner of her eye that the black cat followed them across the road.

“Look mum, that black cat is still following us, isn’t it a bit dangerous for him? If he was mine I would not let him roam around in such dangerous places.”

“I must say one thing Jimmy, you really would know how to look after a cat. Busy traffic is certainly not a place for cats.”

They continued on their way, but it seemed to Penny that the cat was still following them, although when she turned her head to look he did not seem to be there. She noticed two pointed ears and a pointed nose suddenly disappearing behind a wall. Eventually they arrived home and Penny unpacked her shopping in the kitchen. In the meanwhile the black cat that was following decided to make himself comfortable in the front garden, his yellow eyes observing the house all the time.

Penny and her son Jimmy lived alone in their house. It was Penny’s parents’ home. Her father died a few years ago and her mother was now living with Penny’s sister. Jimmy had a father, but he sort of disappeared when he was told his girlfriend was going to be a mother. It was a disappointment at the time, but Penny had a lot of support from the family and today she could not imagine her life without Jimmy.

“Mum, you know that cat that was following us?”

“You mean the black one?”

“Yes, that’s the one, well I think he is still there, sitting in the garden.”

“Where Jimmy?” Penny looked out of the window. The cat noticed the curtains moving so he hopped behind a tree. He definitely did not want to be seen yet.

“I can’t see anything Jimmy” Penny answered. If only Penny knew.

Eventually it was Jimmy’s bedtime and Penny also had an early night. The weather was warm and as usual she left the bedroom window open. Seeing his chance at last, the cat climbed the ivy clinging to the wall and soon reached Penny’s bedroom. He made himself comfortable on Penny’s pillow, knowing that she would soon wake, feeling his weight next to her head. Then his mission would almost be accomplished. The first order he had received was to make contact.

Penny turned in her bed, feeling that something was wrong somewhere and opened her eyes to find herself staring into two yellow eyes belonging to the black cat.

“Please be calm” said the cat “I have been given orders to organise your journey. So are you ready to go now?”

“Aaaaatishoo” was all that Penny could say at that moment. She reached out for her handkerchief and wiped the moisture from her eyes. A cat! The allergy!

“Did I hear you talking to me, a cat – aaatishoooo. No that cannot be and what are you doing here.”

“Stay cool human, I have been given my orders. Your little boy would like a kitten to adopt him, but it seems that you have told him it is not possible. My master wants to see you, we have exactly the ideal kitten that would like to move in with you and Jimmy and so we have to put things right. Just get ready, I will wait outside the bedroom door.”

“Do what, get ready, but just a minute” and the cat left the room and closed the door behind him by standing on his back legs and pulling the door to close.

“Did I see that correctly” thought Penny rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. Cats can push things but not pull. She decided to get herself ready and opened the bedroom door.

“Ok female human, let’s go. Just follow me. We will be entering another dimension, it will not hurt, but might get a bit windy.”

“I must be crazy following a cat, aatishoo” and Penny suddenly felt as if she was being carried by a gust of air, as if she was floating. Her floating journey landed with a gentle thump.

“Master, it is here as you ordered; the human called woman who cannot live with cats.”

“Come closer human woman, you have a problem with the feline species.”

Penny found herself sitting on a large cushion in a room that seemed to be fitted out with cushions all over the floor. Here and there was a raised seat which could be reached by climbing a ladder, although she herself would be too tall and heavy to use them. The general impression was the ideal room for a cat. Sitting on the highest perch in the room was a rather large grey furred cat. He actually looked more the size of a lion than a cat. His eyes were very large, like two saucers glistening yellow in the reflection of the moonlight that seemed to be coming through a window. She looked out of the window she saw there was not just one moon, but four.

“Human speak up, what is your problem with us?”

“Aatishoo” answered Penny.

“Speak no further human woman, I believe you are one of the unlucky that is allergic to the cat.”

“Before I speak anything, I want to know where I am and what is going on.”

“You mean my servant did not introduce himself. Bonzo, where are your manners. When speaking to a subordinate race, the first thing to do is to introduce yourself.”

“But master, I really had no time, the dimension curtain was getting thinner and I really did not want to use the spaceship. You know how those weaker races are when travelling with a transport they do not know.”

“Bonzo you are forgiven, but just bear in mind in future that we do not kidnap other species. We invite them. And now to yourself human woman, I believe you have the name of Penny and kitten, sorry son, is Jimmy. Strange names these humans have.

Allow me to introduce myself. The humans know me as Bast. I discovered your world once on a trip from our planet Koshka and organised a few items for the race known as Egyptians. They seemed to be having a problem with mice infestation in their corn chambers. However, that is now history. Now and again we have to keep an eye on our colonies and it seems that some of the species human are allergic to the feline nation. For this reason our Koshkan scientists have developed a substance against this problem.

Bonzo please bring the liquid for this human to drink.”

“Just a minute, are you joking. A couple of cats are going to give me something to drink to cure my cat allergy. I just don’t believe this.”

“Human” said Bast looking at Penny direct in the eyes “I do not make jokes. Have you asked how you arrived here, have you not wondered how my servant Bonzo and even myself can walk on two legs instead of the usual four, can carry a glass of liquid in our paws and open and close doors with no problem.”

“Come to think of it, I admit you seem to be quite civilised for a ..”

“You wanted to say for a cat. We are Koshkans, descendants of one of the oldest races in the universe; however, now to come to the point. Bonzo bring me our new Earth agent.”

Bonzo left the room and returned carrying a sweet little kitten in his teeth. At least Penny thought he really did look sweet. Long grey fur, bright little blue eyes, and a little pink tongue. In the meanwhile Penny decided to drink the liquid. It tasted quite good, a sort of alcoholic milky taste, but as she was still alive she decided it must be ok.

“Human, you will take this feline agent with you when you return to Earth. It will be a present for your son Jimmy. You will take great care of this citizen of Koshka. He is to be fed regularly, and when he is older you may let him free to roam in your garden. If he wishes to go out in the evening, then he may do so. It will be to make a report to Bonzo who is one of our best agents on Earth.

Tomorrow when you awake, you will not remember this journey, or anything that has happened. The Koshkan, known as kitten, will already be living in your home and is to be a surprise for human kitten Jimmy. Is that clear.”

Penny nodded, she had no choice, but she noticed with pleasure that her sneezing had stopped and that the presence of so many cats (or should she say Koshkans) did not bother her at all.

“You may go” said Bast “or do you have any further questions?”

Now what does a subordinate race in the universe ask such a superior Master on planet Koshka, but Penny had one question.

“Do you mind if I call the kitten Koshka?”

“It may be done” answered Bast, thinking that these humans were not so stupid after all.

Bonzo returned to earth with Penny.

The next morning Penny was greeted by a very excited Jimmy when he entered the kitchen.

“Oh, mummy, how sweet, I have my kitten after all. What a wonderful surprise.”

“Yes Jimmy, I decided to take a chance and it seems that I am not as allergic as I thought. Up to now I have not sneezed once. It is like a wonder.”

“What shall I call my kitten, mummy?” Jimmy asked

“You may choose a name Jimmy.”

“What about Koshka, it seems to suit him.”

And that was how Penny’s family were adopted by a little grey kitten with blue eyes called Koshka.

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