Monday, 19 October 2009

MULTIPLY: Poetry Posse Week #53: Me, The Television

Looking at me with a longing
please, please switch me on
Let pulses charge through my leads
I want to become part of the fun
Tonight I will carry you
to a far part of the world
watch the actors play their parts
as they sail to another place
Dr. Who will take you
on a journey to the unknown
You will fight a dalek invasion
Until we are all saved
Perhaps it is not your taste
Taste can be savoured as well
Our master chefs are ready
Change to another channel
and watch them cook your delights
Truffels, sweetbreads, scallops,
A quail, or perhaps a pigeon
You will visit the temples of food
and partake in creation of edible wonders
You need some excitement, action
Your football team is playing and winning
Hold on to your seat, shout for the boys
They cannot hear you, but I can
Yes, my work is satisfying
I am content to bring it to your home
No, no, please do not fall asleep
I am still alive, waiting for a touch
You can switch me off
But rest assured I will be with you tomorrow
Your one and only faithfull television

Nera jumping

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