Thursday, 8 October 2009

MULTIPLY Creative Challenge #73: The Happiest Days of my Life

A swan on the River Aare

The happiest days of my life are:

when I can take a walk and see the river
when I call my dad and ask how are you and he says fine
when I have someone at my side to share my life with
when I have good friends that call or write
when I can read any book I choose
when I can vote for my own government
when I can put food on the table to satisfy hunger
when I can still drink a glass of water if I am thirsty
when I know my health is cared for
when I can close my eyes and sleep at night
when I awake each morning greeted by daylight
and when I look around me and see nature still thriving

I do not ask for a lot, but I treasure what I have

Field along the River Aare

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