Tuesday, 15 September 2009

MULTIPLY United Friends Challenge #179: Gunfight at Sagebrush City or Low Noon

Qwith's Challenge

Write 500 words or less in a fiction genre you don't normally read or like.
Here are your choices:

Epic (It's short so think of world building)
Historical (from Greek to Egyptian to Queen Elizabeth to WWII-doesn't matter)
Gothic (Elements of Horror and Romance)
Spy Fiction Thriller (any setting)

For ideas, I suggest looking them at Wikipedia.

This is a challenge to stretch your writing skills so I know that writers will try something different. The kind of characters that you choose to use won't matter so long as the genre is something you don't normally like or read.
Happy Writing!

The sun was high in the sky flooding the high street of Sagebrush City with its harsh light. Two men were standing opposite each other, Jake Silver and Lloyd Finnegan their hands poised over their guns ready to draw.

Sam Bellows, the barkeeper, was collecting money from the townsfolk that were watching. They were placing bets on who would win the shoot out. Old Ben Wigger had put his rocking chair on the sidewalk, for a good place to watch. Little Jimmy Crocker was sitting next to his ma. He was excited. It was the first gun dual he was about to witness.

The town mayor started counting. At the call of three the gunmen were to draw and shoot. There was suddenly an interruption.

“Just what do you think you’re doing with that gun Jake Silver.” It was his wife Caitlynn. She spit out a wad of tobacco she was chewing and continued.

“I been cooking dinner all morning and now it’s gone noon. I ain’t doing that for a hobby, so come home and eat.”

“And that goes for you too Lloyd.” JoBeth Finnegan was also there. “Just what do you think you are playing at?”

“But Caitlynn” spoke Jake “this is a shoot out. I was having a quiet card game with Lloyd in the saloon and he gone and called me out cheating. Now I don’t take that insult from any man in this town, so I is defending my honour.”

“You is defending what? You ain’t got no honour and what do you think you gonna do with that gun. Why you ain’t never killed an opossum. I even have to strangle the chickens myself.”

“Yeh, now Caitlyn got something there. And Lloyd just what you doing calling Jake a cheat and where you get the money for gambling? From my housekeeping money in grandma’s beer glass. I saw that there ain’t none left. Some of that money was from Caitlyn for the chickens I sold her last week.”

“Now JoBeth I don’t like being made a fool of and that Jake Silver took my money with his cheatin’ cards” answered Lloyd.

“Now I got some words to say” spoke Caitlynn. “Jake Silver you give that money back. You ain’t got no business gambling in that saloon and that would be JoBeth’s money, so you give it to JoBeth.”

“Did you hear Lloyd, Caitlynn knows who that money is, and it sure ain’t yours to gamble away in that saloon. Thank you Caitlynn, ‘bout time those men know who has the trousers on in the family.”

“But Caitlynn, I won that money fair.”

“I don’t care how you won it Jake, just give it back. And if you wanna do some shootin, then go out in my vegetable patch and shoot a couple of them rabbits that keep eatin up all the green stuff.”

And that was the day that Caitlyn Silver and JoBeth Finnegan solved one of the wars of the Wild West.

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