Monday, 7 September 2009

MULTIPLY Rita's "Riting" Challenge #38: The Lament of a Craftsman

Now this is hard work, my fingers are raw
If only I had something like a motor
Come to think of it, I am many years too soon
But if I had an engine, now that would be a boon

Imagine a world, where the handwork was finished
The craftsmanship detail, now that would be diminished
You all think its good, you think I am glad
When I get home in the evening, I am tired and really feel bad

Now if I had electricity, or something driven by steam
I would not stand here sweating, but that is just a dream
So see your photos and admire, thinking how it looks so good
My tools are simple and tiring, some are just made of wood

I long for the years to come, my descendents life not so bitter
With science and engineering, I am sure they will feel much fitter
But now I am working hard, oh is this life a bore
I really hate this craftsmanship, in the evenings I feel so sore.

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