Sunday, 6 September 2009

MULTIPLY Monochrome Monday

It was called monochrome Monday and is or was a photo group where we played a bit with out photographs. I just do not know if it still exists, but I still enjoy playing with photos, so here is a little something. Sometimes I find things that perhaps inspire me, or are interesting.

Pansies in the concrete, HornchurchIn this case I was attracted by this small flower. A pansy seed had found its way into a crack in the concrete surrounding my friends house. Every time I went in or out, the colours attracted my attention. Eventually I did what I wanted to do and took my camera, preparing it for a macro picture and here is the result.

Pansies in the concrete, Hornchurch

Astonishing the little wonders you find in the streets of London. Although this in itself is a nice little photo, I decided to do a bit of work on it. I transformed it into black and white and fiddled a bit with the contrasts. I coloured back the flower petals, doing some dodging on them to make them stronger in colour and then put a frame around them. Here we have the finished product,

Pansies in the concrete, Hornchurch

Click here for larger size

And now for something completely different. On my flight home I was again busy with the camera from the windows of the plane. The windows are not very large, so I have part of the engine of the plane on the left hand side, and on the right the frame of the window. Never the less I managed to take a picture as we were crossing the english coast. I combined this with a photo of a crow that I took in England sitting on the pavement at the side of the road. Here are the originals.

Cloud view over SwitzerlandCrow in Hornchurch

I decided that the bird should accompany me on my flight. He was looking in the wrong direction so I turned him around, cut him away from the background and perched him on the plane motor. I framed the picture and that was all. I decided that a view from a plane does not need more to be done to it. Here is the result.

Plane and Crow

Click here for larger size

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