Friday, 4 September 2009

MULTIPLY I spy with my little Eye something beginning with "R"

River Thames at Rainham, London

Larger size

I returned from London at the beginning of last week and I think in my mind I am sometimes still there. I grew up in London near the River Thames, although I lived more in the center of London. The Thames is still one of my favourite rivers. It meanders towards the East coast of England, entering the sea at a place called Southend, the seaside for all Londoners before travel became easier.

I was staying a little East of London with a friend of mine and one evening we made an excursion to Rainham, which is on the river where it widens before it reaches the estuary. It is no longer actually used for docks, but in the distance you can see an outline of the buldings of London and also some cranes where there seems to be building work. The area from where I shot the photo is a bit of a nature reserve, although in the early evening there was not so much to see. So we have a couple of "R's" - a River and Rainham.

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