Wednesday, 5 August 2009

MULTIPLY What to do? What to do? It is now week 42

Migros, Langendorf

Let’s go shopping, no I’m not stopping
Buying the food, I am being very shrewd
Looking for some fresh stuff, money is not always enough
I don’t want old, it might have mould
Here is some fruit, now this is a hoot
Four Apples and three pears, some bananas so who cares
I will take them all, be careful not to fall
Now it’s time for veg, I am really on the edge
I think I’ll have some meat, I’m tired so take a seat
Let’s go and have a drink, must sit down and think
My quest is now complete, go home and rest my feet
Where did I park the car? It cannot be too far
I found it, now for home, why do women have to roam
Now if I was a man, I would have it in the can
Stay at home no fear, just drink a glass of beer
Wait for wife to arrive, so that he can survive
Tomorrow it’s the same, shopping is not a game

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