Sunday, 30 August 2009

MULTIPLY RRC #36 Stairways of Life

I travelled miles, it was hot, it was tiresome
I met other people, met other races
Some of them I had to fight
But I carried on despite the hardship
Despite the regrets I had
I had my orders, I had my beliefs
I entered buildings, forced my way through the door
Some had stairways, some stairways were broken
Broken through destruction
Broken out of revenge
I began to hate my life
Hate taking orders when I knew they were wrong
I wanted to sit on the stairs, just like at home
Just sit down and talk to the people
Try to find a way out of this mess
I remembered the stairway at home
Those cool dark evenings
Meeting the gang on the stairs
Just sitting and talking
No-one telling us to kill, to conquer
We were all different at home
Different colours, different religions
But we could talk without fighting for our rights
Because on the stairway we were all equal
Just the gang, meeting on the stairs
talking, growing up together
I am still travelling
Tell me how long this war lasts
Tell me how many stairs will be destroyed
Before I return

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