Friday, 14 August 2009

MULTIPLY The Dare: Bridge

Kreuzackerbrück, Solothurn

Our local market town of Solothurn is built on the river Aare in Switzerland on both sides, so we need bridges. All together there are 4 bridges. Two were only finished last year and this year, one is completely new for the traffic connection to the motorway and the other was a new bridge to replace the older one. Another bridge is strictly for the railway connection. However, here I am showing our bridge known officially as the Kreuzacker bridge. This name is not often used by the Solothurn population and is mainly called the Velo bridge, velo being our word for a bicycle. Yes, this bridge is reserved for bikes and people, safer it cannot get. There have been tourists not knowing that this bridge is not there for a car, but they usually get their photo in the newspaper because it is unique and also a fine from the police.

On the other side of the bridge on the right is the St. Urs cathedral and on the left at the end of the bridge is a building which was once the winter residence of the French ambassador in Switzerland, but this was many years ago. In the meanwhile it has been used as an art gallery and is now a restaurant. The mountain chain in the background is the Jura which stretches from Geneva almost to Zürich in the North of Switzerland.

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