Tuesday, 4 August 2009

MULTIPLY Creative Challenge #64: Mirage

sky and castle

You said you build castles in the air for me
That was a wrong, you had a new girl
You lied to me and broke your promise
The mirage of love took a whirl

You would love me forever, come what may
How long is forever, a day or a year?
Where are you now? with another?
This is not my mirage, but just plain fear

I saw you with her in the park, bodies entwined
Your promise to love me now forgotten
I no longer mean anything to you
The mirage is transparent like cotton

After the kiss you walked away
as if you were in a dream
I knew then that you were finished with me
Love was now a mirage stream

Where is my castle in the air?
Destroyed by a love betrayed
I cannot forgive you for what you have done
A mirage has now been made

I plunged a knife into your heart
It was real and you are dead
You really thought that I was joking
This is no mirage I said

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