Monday, 27 July 2009

MULTIPLY Week 9 - The Arrival

“10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 landed. Ok men we are back on the planet earth again; those that have been here before, I don’t have to explain anything, but the others should know that we have had our station on this planet for a few thousand years transmitting its changes and keeping us up to date on the developments. It was a long journey from planet Chilopoda and I am sure that we would like to relax for a few hours and rest our bodies. However the men in our station are impatiently awaiting our arrival that they can return to our planet and be replaced by those of us that will be taking over in the station.”

The space ship’s doors opened and the space visitors left the ship. They were overwhelmed by the height they had to overcome before reaching their target. The Chilopodans were a small sized race in comparison with the now human inhabitants of the planet earth and so sizes were in a large relation to the space ship crew. They were confronted by two high mountains. Wedged between the tips of the mountains was a large round boulder.

“Captain Polyped is that the station, high up between the tips of the mountains? My ancestors that had already visited this planet described the path.”

“Yes men, that is the way to go. For us Chilopodans a long way, but we are experts at walking and it should be no problem.”

And so the brave space visitors began to climb up the path to the space station. They were almost at the top when the scouts that had been sent in advance returned to the Chilopodan team.

“Sir, we have a problem” said the chief scout.

"Tell me” answered the captain.

“The humans are occupying our space station. One of them is standing on the surface.”

“Explain further chief scout. I can see no reason why an inferior human would climb to our station and possess it. Our electronic tracking devices are all inside the boulder. Our ancestors built the station many years ago, and our windows are so small that no human could see them.”

“It seems that the human tendency to show off has again taken the upper hand, sir. The human standing on the stone was placed there by a helicopter. The helicopter is still hovering near bye and a group of humans are filming the human on the stone with cameras; probably to show others how clever he is.”

“Yes, scout, this is the sort of human stupidity we are often confronted with. Not only do they crush our fellow citizens with their feet and not even notice it, but they like to risk their lives climbing places where they do not belong.”

“Shall we attack captain?”

“We have been known to injure members of the human race, but I would advise this only in a Man versus Chilopodan confrontation. We have a mission and this is more important. We will now take a rest and wait for the human show to come to an end. We will remain here well hidden and not approach our station or the humans. In time they will leave when they have their photos. When we placed the stone between the two mountain peaks, there were no humans on this earth. Over the years they developed and are more nuisance than anything good. Our colonists on this planet are forever in danger of losing their lives from the ignorance of the human race. They look upon us as something inferior, but we were here long before they crawled out of the swamps and developed. Through our super telepathic powers we embedded the stone containing our space station between the mountain peaks.”

“It is true captain; I have heard many stories of our colleagues being crushed by the humans, the humans not even noticing that they have taken our lives.”

So the visitors decided to take a rest on the lower slopes. They even found some food whilst they were waiting. The mountain slopes were covered in grass and other vegetation and animals that the Chilopodans preyed on were in abundance. They suddenly heard an ear splitting noise and from their position on the mountain side saw the helicopters rise. The scouts left the group and proceeded to the mountain top.

“Chilopodans, I have just received a message from our scouts using the higher wave lengths. They say that the human has left in the helicopter and everything is now clear. We will advance.”

Eventually the visitors from Chilopoda arrived at their earth station and were welcomed by those that had been working there for the last hundred years. Time has another meaning on Chilopoda. The new arrivals soon took their place in the station, sitting at the radio machines and operating the cameras, observing the humans and registering changes in the earth’s atmosphere. They also had many colonists on the earth who supplied them with useful information.

“10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 lift off. Ok, men I am sure you will be glad to return to our own planet after so many years on the earth, but I hope you enjoyed your stay. It is valuable work you have completed in our station and you have collected valuable knowledge for Chilopoda.”

So the next time you see a centipede crawling along, avoid treading on him. He might be a scientist waiting to return to the planet of Chilopoda after his stay on the earth.

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