Wednesday, 8 July 2009

MULTIPLY Visual Aid #15: And Life goes on


“Adam, ADAM, have you got cloth ears. When I call at least given an answer. What are you doing? I need you.”

“Why did the boss have to take a rib when I was sleeping and make something like woman, a little kitten, or even a butterfly would have been ok but a woman, the ruin of peace and quiet.

Yes Eve, did you call?”

“Of course I did, and when I call you are supposed to listen. I have a problem.”

“I am busy.”

“What do you have to be busy about in paradise? I thought we had a life of not being busy here.”

“Yes dear, but Eve you seem to have a short memory. Who decided to make an apple pie with that big red apple sitting on that tree that was supposed to be something special? The boss said “leave it alone”, but no you just couldn’t keep your hands off of it and now we have the mess. I am busy packing our things together, we are moving out.”

“Adam, we don’t have things, just a fig leaf from a plant. And if you remember rightly that nice green serpent told me that the boss wouldn’t mind if I just took one apple as long as I gave the boss a piece of apple pie as well.”

“Eve I think you got the wrong end of the story. The idea was that the apple should remain on the tree, the serpent was a temptation, which we are supposed to be able to resist, and the boss does definitely not like apple pie. The result is that we have to move out and start wearing clothes, like the rest of them outside.”

“Outside where?”

“Oh are these ribs, sorry women, stupid” Adam thought to himself. He had been so happy in the paradise garden, just laying around, counting the daisy petals, or looking for a bigger fig leaf, everything seemed to be growing these days. His spare rib, Eve, just spoilt everything and now the boss has decided that Adam and Eve now have to move out and start working for their living. On top of it all they have to wear clothes.

“Eve, we are moving, you know where the rest are, outside paradise to the normal day to day world. We have to start building houses, towers, and even a few churches.”

“I don’t want to move Adam, It is so nice here. And what’s a church?”

“The boss said that you have to have a church here and there just to show that he is still the boss. Anyhow what is so urgent that you called.”

“The serpent is back.”

“Forget it Eve.”

“No, Adam, definitely not. He has brought a nice ring with him this time, hanging on a daisy chain.”

“Big deal, so you want the ring or the daisies.”

“The ring of course, you stupid rib donor. We have to move out anyway, so what more can go wrong. Come and have a look.”

“OK, I am here. No, no way are you having that ring.”

“Ssssssss Mr. Adam. Nice ring for your wife, make everything good again.”

“Snake, you have caused enough trouble. We do not want any rings, apples, diamonds, stars, or anything else you have on stock.”

“But you can have it free. No strings attached. You can sell it for much money outside.”

“Sorry snake, but money has not yet been created. We are still at the bartering stage.”

“Then snake has good idea. Take the ring you can exchange it for new rib.”

“Now you are talking sense snake.”

“Over my dead body” said Eve. “You are not supposed to have the same amount of ribs as me, the first woman in creation. Give me the ring snake.”

“Ok Eve you can have the ring. Take it” said Adam.

“Sssssss Eve. It is not free this time. The boss will not intervene, but I have a wish.”

Adam left Eve alone with the snake, thinking that things could not get worst anyhow and carried on packing and Eve and the snake had a discussion.

That night Adam and Eve spent their last night in paradise. They both had the same idea. Adam decided it was time to enjoy a spare rib and Eve did not have anything against it.


“Where are you going Eve?”

“Just a last wash in the pure water of our paradise pond.”

But Eve had made an arrangement with the snake. After all he was not giving the goods away for free any more. The boss had made it quite clear that after the apple debacle it was now exchange for the goods.

The next morning Eve and Adam left paradise. At first there were problems. Adam really had trouble having to work all day, and Eve found it was so much better with a fig leaf. Just throw it away when it wilted and pick another one. Now she even had to start washing clothes and making them as well. The first house Adam built collapsed. The poor man forgot to build a good foundation. With time he soon got the idea and in any case Eve was expecting her first child. This gave Adam a reason for working, so things began to go well. Adam was just hoping that the new child would be a man and not a spare rib. He was very lucky. Eve gave birth to twins. Two boys and they were named Cain and Abel.

Do I have to explain further, well perhaps yes, because there is something that you did not really know. Now one of the boys had green eyes and the other brown eyes. Adam had brown eyes, Eve had blue eyes, so where did one of the twins get his green eyes from. As time came to pass the brothers had a problem and unfortunately only one survived. Now was it the one with the green eyes or the brown eyes? You can decide for yourself.

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