Tuesday, 28 July 2009

MULTIPLY RRC #32 - Daddy?

„Daddy, what’s that man doing with the camera?“

“He’s taking a photo of us together.”


“Well he just asked, so I said it would be ok.”

“But daddy you didn’t ask me.”

“Oh, sorry honey. Do you mind.”

“Of course not daddy, just proving my point.”

“What point?”

“Well, you know, a lady likes to be asked before being photographed.
Daddy, why is the man taking the photo?”

“Well he said we look great together and he wants to enter the photo for a competition.”

“What’s a compition?”

“Competition honey. Where there are other photos and the best photo wins something.”

“Does that mean if we win we have a prize.”

“No, honey, it’s the man with the camera that gets the prize.”

“That’s not fair daddy. It’s us on the picture, so we should have the prize.”

“Well it’s like this. If you want to win a prize you have to work for it. Now did we have to work for it?”

“We had to look in the camera.”

“Yes, but the man with the camera had to organise his camera that he took a nice photo, good enough for a competition. Now that is something we just can’t do. The camera costs a lot of money and belongs to the man.”

“Oh, I see daddy. Does that mean that Marilyn Monro, Jane Russell and all those film stars did everything for free daddy.”

“You know what, honey, what about we go and get an ice cream.”

“Oh, yeah daddy, that’ll be great.”



“Oh forget it, I want strawberry ice cream.”

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