Tuesday, 14 July 2009

MULTIPLY Rita's "Riting" Challenge #30: The Tyre

“No, No, No. That is just what I needed a flat and in the middle of a lonely road miles from the next garage” and with her last remark Judy gave her flat tyre a heavy kick. Then something strange happened. The tyre was surrounded by a white mist which slowly took the shape of an apparition. To be exact a small figure was standing next to the tyre dressed in blue overalls, just like the miniature version of a mechanic.

“At your service Madam” the figure said.

“Who are you and what are you doing here. “

“Madam it seems you have problem with our tyre.”

“What do you mean our tyre. The tyre belongs to the car and it has a puncture, no air, flat, so where do you come from and why have you taken possession of the tyre. It belongs to me and not to us.”

“Please let me explain, I am tyre genie, put into the tyre by wise old genie when it was made.”

“You mean like Aladdin and the lamp. You must be joking. You don’t even look like a genie.”

“No joke madam; only joke is that Aladdin and lamp are old fashioned, not very modern. Today all lamps are electric, not oil. You mean I don’t look like Aladdin. Let us be serious. If I was dressed in the old fashioned clothes that Aladdin wore, you would not believe that I was a tyre genie.”

“No, I suppose I would, but then I don’t really believe in tyre genies or do I have three wishes?”

“Of course you have three wishes. Just try me.”

“OK, I wish that the tyre had air.”

“No problem madam.”

and the tyre really did get some air and was no longer flat – for a few minutes. Then the air started escaping again through a hole.”

“Satisfied madam?”

“I would be if the air stayed in the tyre, but it is escaping again.”

“Of course it is. You asked for air in tyre, but did not say to repair hole.”

“Are you trying to be funny. OK, I wish that the hole would be repaired.”

It seemed to Judy that nothing had happened.

“Of course something happened madam. Tyre is repaired.”

“So where is the air?”

“Madam said nothing about air, just hole repaired. You have one wish left.”

“I don’t think I will bother. You seem to interpret my wishes as you want to.”

“Wishes are always suited to wish instruction manual which says only grant what is asked; all other remarks made after the wish do not count.”

“OK, genie, so how do I get my tyre repaired and make my way home.”

“No problem, madam, I have magic tyre.”

“What is that?”

“Successor to magic carpet. Magic carpets old fashioned and no longer available. We now only have magic tyres.”

“OK, so get your magic tyre and bring me home.”

“No problem madam. Genie has problem.” And then he started crying.

“So don’t cry genie, you are staining your nice clean overall with grease marks.”

“I must be mad” thought Judy, “talking to a genie as if he was real.”

“Why are you crying?” she asked.

“Flat tyre has been genie’s home since car belonged to you. We have spent many hours and travelled many miles together. Now genie has no tyre any more to live in. If you go home on magic tyre car will be left alone with flat tyre and I am homeless.”

and he started crying again.

“You mean you have lived in that tyre since I bought the car. I never noticed you were there.”

“Genies should not be seen or heard, only in emergency.”

“OK genie, tell you what. You get the magic tyre and we both go with the magic tyre to the next garage. You drop me off just before we get to the garage and then go back to my car with the magic tyre. I will tell the mechanic what has happened and he will drive me to my car and change the tyre. When I have the new tyre on the car you can move into that one and live there.”

“Oh madam, many thanks. You mean I get a complete new tyre.”

“Looks like it genie.”

“Madam you still have one wish, if I may say so.”

“OK genie, but I am not so good at wishes. Do you have a suggestion?”

“Oh yes madam. Please wish that new tyre has built in shower. I always feel so dirty when we get home from a drive out.”

Do you believe in genies? Judy didn’t but now she does. She loved flying on the magic tyre and after the new tyre had been fitted on the car she made her last wish and now she has the happiest tyre genie you can imagine. She even washes his overalls when they are dirty. Of course, she also wished for an extra set for genie to wear after he had taken a shower in his new tyre.

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