Friday, 24 July 2009

MULTIPLY The Dare: Pattern

Vorstadtparkhaus, Solothurn

How's this for a nice pattern

Our local town of Solothurn needed a new Parking House. The other two just were not big enough any more. I don't usually like parking in those places as the parking spaces are a bit cramped to thread into. They decided eventually to build a new one and it is really the best I have found. It is based on a spiral. You just drive down through the spiral until you find a space on one of the two sides. Plenty of room for parking and easy to find an empty space.

I took this photo looking down into the spiral. You can see how a car is driving down. On the left you can see the glass casing of the lift. Without a doubt one of the best parking houses I have ever used. By the way we call it a "Parkhaus" in German and I just do not know the modern English word for it.

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