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MULTIPLY Creative Challenge #60: Introducing

23.04.2009 Herz Schmerz

23.04.2009 Herz Schmerz

"At last some action. It is not funny having your legs pulled up parallel to your body and the feet resting on the shoulders. Phantom B are you there?"


"Phantom B I can't hear you very well, are you still in your case?"

"Blub, blub, Yeessssssss"

"Oh, I got you, they have set me free. Looks like I will be getting some action today. Hope they have cleaned their teeth first. Nothing more obnoxious than having someone breathing down your nose and mouth with a meal of garlic and onions behind them."

"I am here phatom A, they have let me out as well. Looks like the electric pulses will be charging through my lungs again."

"That's only because you are a model B. When they made me, they hadn't put all that modern stuff in. They are taking their time, I havn't got a proper face yet."

"That's because they are still being disinfected A. You know everything has to be nice and clean and sterilised here."

Uebungspuppe masken

"B, I don't like the look of those masks. Some have a green paint smear on them. I hope I don't get those."

"Just have to wait and see A, you know what they say, beggers cannot be choosers. I am glad when I get a new t-shirt and jacket. This one hasn't been washed for ages. I am sure I smell under the arm pits."

"You must be joking B, dummies like us do not sweat. We have to rely on those humans to keep us working and fit. One day I think we will uprise and make a revolution. We have to put up with everything."

"So quiet A, I think some action is coming."

"Here we go, well I feel a lot better with a face. How do I look B?"

"As usual, although that green smudge is a bit strange."

"I knew it, I knew I would get that one. Typical. Oh dear, looks like things are happening. Human is bending down over my face and preparing to blow air into my lungs. What did I say. Why do I always have to get the humans that revel in meals with garlic. If they knew how unpleasant that is. Do they really think they can bring someone back to life smelling like that? How embarassing now they are pulling my t-shirt up."

"Don't be so fussy A. It happens to all of us. We all look the same."

"1, 2, 3, 4, 5, "

"A what are you counting, sheep. We don't sleep on the job you know."

"Silly B, of course not. I am counting with the human. She is pushing my chest up and down. Glad it's one of the weaker ones. You know when those profis get to work, then they really give a bashing on the old lungs. It's a wonder I don't suffocate."

"Dummies like us don't suffocate. You A's are really a bit slow."

"OK, but we havn't seen C for a long while now have we. I heard his lungs broke off. One of those human men gave a breath too much and he couldn't take it any more. They decided it wasn't worth repairing him, it would cost too much money."

"When they made me they knew what they were doing. My defi even speaks. Now it's saying everyone stand back, the shock is coming."

"I would like to see you with a real shock B. I am sure your plastic lungs would melt."

"One thing I just cannot stand is a jealousy. You type A's are all the same. You thought you had it all. Now that we B's have arrived with full electronic bits, you just cannot take it."

"I have an electronic bit as well B. Look human is finished and the paper is coming out. Human is being congratulated. Looks like she did it well.

CPR Test

Not like you B. Looks like your human put the stickers on the wrong way around."

"Well, they are all beginners. I am just enjoying the fresh air and being stretched out . Most of the time we are folded up in those cases."

"You have a point there B. Owwww. They just ripped off my mask, that hurt. Those humans could be a bit more considerate when they are finished. At least they pulled my t-shirt down."

"Think our exercise session is finished A. They have disconnected my electrodes and are all standing in a corner having something to drink and eat."

"OK B, well I suppose it is back in the case until the next time. To be quite honest I do feel a bit tired after all that breathing and pushing."

"Until the next time A, who knows perhaps they might fit you up with a defi one day. Then we can pass our electric shocks together."

"Big deal B, see you soon."

23.04.2009 Herz Schmerz

I wonder what those phantoms really think of us. This is an introduction of our first aid group in the village of which I am a member and one of our evening exercise meetings. Of course, also introducing Phantom A and B. We also have a child phantom, but she was asleep on this evening.

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