Sunday, 14 June 2009

MULTIPLY Mono Monday Plus #49 (MM #63)

View South from Solothurn hospitalI did not have a lot of chance to do something artistically striking this week as I do still have one arm a bit handicapped, although I can move the fingers. Most of my newest recent photos were taken from the hospital window so I chose this one. Basically a view over the countryside, but if you look carefully you can see the beginnings of a motorway tunnel on the right with a restaurant. This motorway exists only about two years and to preserve the country are where there a many farms and wild deer etc. it was decided to build a very long tunnel under it all and here is where the tunnel starts. We used to have a 35 minute drive through many small villages and countryside to the next big town of Biel from Solothurn and now thanks to the motorway it takes only about 15 minutes. We didn't even hear any noise from the cars in the hospital ward. Although quite near I did bring it a bit nearer with my camera. Anyhow there was not much I could do with the photo, so I decided on a monochrome and flattened it. I then converted to sepia and brought the modern motorway parts in monochrome. I then did a frame. All the work was in Piknik and here is the result.

View South from Solothurn hospital

Larger Size

And now for something I planned to put up two weeks ago, but unfortunately a small accident came in the way. It is my project for Gary's challenge. I did not really know what to bring, but it so happened that our local high school had a concert of the big band and the jazz workshop which my husband and I visited. My husband plays for a jazz combination, drums, sort of bi-bop mainstream and takes drum lessons at the school. His drum teacher leads the big band and another colleague, who is bass player, organises the jazz workshop. The musicians are all students at the high school, and we really enjoyed the evening. Apparently when the idea was born some members of the teaching department were a bit dubious about jazz instead of classic, but jazz won and the result is good. Anyhow I took three photos: one of the big band, a photo of some piano music notes I have (I also play - it was a Duke Ellington piece) and took a photo of my son's electric piano as follows:

Kantijazz 040a train notes


I then made three layers in CS3 Photoshop and played around with the magic wand, eraser, clone tool and goodness knows what else. It was so long ago I cannot remember. Anyhow I then had the finished product and did a sort of poster for the concert - here is the result.


Larger Size

Although late, I decided to post it here as I had done quite a bit of work on it. And now, for those that want to hear what they sound like, here is a small video I made. The quality does not do the music so much credit as I only did a bit more than a minute with my Panasonic camera. Introducing the Jazz workshop of the Solothurn County High School.

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