Monday, 4 May 2009

MULTIPLY Rita's "Riting" Challenge #20: The Lady in White


The lady in white floated through the hall
She passed by the others, they saw her not
Transparent her figure, her dress swished on the floor
She was caught in an eternal plot
This house, this place was to be her haunt
It became forever her home
Since the night she was married she had never left
Forever forced to roam
Sometimes it could be when the lights were out
And the owners had gone to their rest
They might hear noises of footsteps quite soft
and feel a light breeze that caressed
She was tired, the lady, but could never sleep
longing for someone to find
her last remains that were buried in the celler
Would someone perhaps be so kind
Her marriage lasted only for weeks at the time
her husband was always in debt
he gambled too much and needed some money
His wife would become his asset
The house was hers and she had the money
She had married because of love
Her husband was selfish, he decided to kill her
It was down the staircase he did shove
He dressed his wife in the wedding gown
In the cellar he buried her deep
He thought he was safe, he now used her wealth
but his nights were robbed of their sleep.
One day they found him, alone in his room
he shot himself with his gun through the head
the last thing he saw was the lady in white
dressed in the gown she wore when they wed.
So the lady in white still roams through the house
searching for something she just cannot find
It is not wealth or something to eat
All she wants is to have peace of mind.

Rita's "Riting"Challenge #20: The Lady in White