Wednesday, 20 May 2009

MULTIPLY Pictures to Words: #21 The Film


The wind machine was churning
The effect it was so real
A feeling of fresh air
The freedom of the ordeal

The film was full of love
romantic until the end
It was bound to be a hit
Although it was all pretend

The actress felt so cold
The wind blew even more
Her nose it started dripping
Her throat was very sore

The actor had to kiss her
He took her in his arm
She sneezed into his t-shirt
This caused a great alarm

The next day the film went further
But the lady was feeling ill
The actor was also suffering
He decided to take a pill

After the week was over
The crew, they all had flu
The wind machine was silent
The film was cancelled too

They decided to change the film
The actor was dressed in white
His role was now a doctor
The film was a complete rewrite

Our actress played the patient
She was perfect for the part
although she was still sneezing
To the doctor she lost her heart

The film was the best of the year
Something new with a healing thread
Instead of windy blown dresses
The actress stayed in bed

So if you want to create a film
something romantic with flimsy dress
Then think it over first of all
Sometimes the best is less

Pictures to Words #21: The Film

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