Sunday, 31 May 2009

MULTIPLY Mono Monday #47 (MM #61)

Fountain, SolothurnWhat with challenges and mono I have had a very busy week-end. Our town has the magic number of 11. The steps to the cathedral are divisible by 11 and other things come in elevens. We even have a special clock that only goes up to 11 o'clock. We also have fountains with statues, sort of a Swiss thing, most old towns have them. I decided to use of our statues for a theme this week. I monochromed him in Piknik and brought the gold colouring back. I then put it in the sandbox and twiddled a bit with it and this was the result. The frame also comes from Piknik.

Fountain, Solothurn

Larger Size

Now what to do with him. I took him in photoshop CS3 and isolated him from the background with the magic wand. I then took a photo from part of the garden and copied my isolated statue a few times and put him onto the garden background. I now had a space in the middle so took a pigeon, removed the background and put the pigeon in the middle.

Pigeon in SolothurnGarden path

The colour looked a bit lifeless to me, so I put the photo into Piknik again and did one of those fancy colour things with it (was it Lomo or something like that, cannot remember). Did a mirror frame around it and now Introducing Mr. Pigeon.

statues and garden bird

Larger Size

Mono Monday Plus #47 (MM #61)

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