Tuesday, 12 May 2009

MULTIPLY Creative Challenge #52: Peering

Stealthily opening the source
but somehow feeling the peering eyes
stabbing through my back
seeing through everything I was doing
Their ways were to clever for my simple mind
The unknown was again winning
watching and probing with their thoughts
They know everything
Nothing can be hidden
There was a time when things were different
When you could take a chance
Hope that these intellects were sleeping
but a signal from my hand and they are awake
crawling into the room and watching
I remove it from the source
then it reflects in my hand and the noises are familiar
the clank and the squeal of metal against metal
Too familiar for those mysterious creatures that know everything
I carefully make an attack on the container of all answers
to their longings
A smell wafts through the air, they are mesmerised
but they come closer, their wails curdling through the air
The suspense is frustrating for these entities
These rulers of the night and keepers of the day
It is released, poured into the receptacle of their desires
And my three cats begin to eat their tuna fish

Fluffy, Nera and Tabby

Creative Challenge #52: Peering

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