Monday, 13 April 2009

MULTIPLY United Friends Challenge #135: Father and Son

Dio and Flagon's Challenge

Dio was busy sweating away at his abacus. “Do you think I can count the dwarfs as dependents?” he asked.
“On what grounds?” Flagon inquired.
“On the grounds that they are insane and it costs me money to get them out of jams.”
“I suppose you could write that off as a business expense,” Flagon pondered.
“So how do you claim your cave of treasures anyway?” Dio said, somewhat crankily.
“I offered to have them send tax auditors to count it.”
“So did they?”
“Yes, they were delicious.”

Well tax time is upon us, so give us a story or poem about it. It can be humorous, a tale of woe, or whatever else you desire. Of course there is a 10% penalty if you don't get it submitted in time...

The tax man cometh again this year,
so what are we to do
Just bite into the sins of the past
and try to see it through
“Hey dad I know what is best
There is a simple way
I will let you use my computer
I am sure there will be much less to pay
“Are you sure” answered dad “Do you have a programme?”
“Of course I do, just look,
It’s really simple, a fool can do it
It will let you off the hook”
And so dad and son sat down together
and son showed dad how to work
but dad was not so very happy
untold problems did lurk
“What about the transport,
I am sure I can deduct for my car”
“But dad you tried that last year
your journey does not go so far.
Now if you worked out of the town
or somewhere without a bus
you would have no big problem
and could deduct without a fuss.”
Be glad you have a son
That needs such devoted care
You can get so many benefits
Just fill out the form, but beware
Make sure you tell them I don’t work
although I help at the shop
We don’t want to give them too much info
if they knew I was earning you would cop
What did you say dad, deductions for the dog
But Jenny is a poodle

I don’t think she could move a log
Now that could cause a strudel
The dog you need is a big one
ferocious and ready to help
Then the tax people think you would need it
to protect and not just to yelp”
“So son, I have filled in the spaces
Now what do I have to do
This computer is very misleading
Does it not have a menu?”
“You know what dad, it’s better
if you leave me to do the job
I am sure I could cope quite well
And your head is beginning to throb”
“Very well my son I trust you
But don’t forget the gold”
“I didn’t know we had any”
“not all should the taxman be told.”
“You mean to leave that out
Oh dad I am not so daft
there are things that are better not mentioned
the tax man does not laugh.”
So the father left his son to it
He was sure his choice was good
He knew the tax people were bad
And not like Robin Hood
They stole from the poor , did not give to the rich
But kept it all for themselves
There was not justice in this financial world
The truth was kept on the shelves
Next day his son had to go to school
‘twas there he met his friends
“Had fun yesterday with my dad
The tax form I helped to amend”
The friends told that they were also busy
Their dads had to take the same route
Be thankful for the talents of children today
They are able to perfectly compute.

United Friends Challenge #135: Father and Son

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