Thursday, 9 April 2009

MULTIPLY Rita's "Riting" Challenge #16:The Sax Man

It wasn’t always like this, my life
Again, to be young and feel good
I would be playing in the halls
I was one of the best that could
play my sax, I was a natural cinch
I had gigs in all the best places
I was requested by all, I had money and wealth
In my music I pulled all the aces

The ladies came and I had them all
They loved the man with the sax
I chose my gal, I loved her the most
With her I could relax
But I wanted more, wanted to be better
Not satisfied with what I had
So it was a joint here and some cokes there
And things started going bad
I then got thirsty and needed a drink
I was really on the ground
My woman she left me, I had no money
I led the life of a hound
I was sure I was playing even better than ever
I heard voices telling me so
But this was all in the mind it seems
and soon I had to go
So here I stand on the street alone
my sax hanging over my arm
You want me to play? I don’t think I can
You know lady I ain’t no more calm
My hands just don’t do it any more
but without the sax I’m alone
No, please madam, just don’t pity me
It’s my fault, better I should have known

Rita's "Riting" Challenge #16: The Sax Man

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