Friday, 24 April 2009

MULTIPLY Poetry Posse - Week 27: A Couplet

Flowers in garden

A week in the garden, ‘twas work to be done
I knew in advance it would not be fun

I am no longer so young but nevertheless
I decided to do it and succumb to the stress

Everything is low I have to bend down
the earth is so messy and my hands became brown

The sun was shining, I needed a drink
Something is wrong, I will have to rethink

I sat on a chair and poured out a coke
If I continue to work I will get a heatstroke

My decision was made, the garden can wait
I decided I would leave the plants to their fate

And then we had rain it fell from the sky
The plants started growing I gave up my try

Now I just watch from the porch with delight
The plants are growing their colours are a sight

I decided to grow some plants from the seeds
That is no problem and I can pull out the weeds

My cats are happy in the garden just see
No water is needed, they just do a pee.

Poetry Posse - Week 27: A Couplet

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