Sunday, 12 April 2009

MULTIPLY Mono Monday Plus #40 (MM #54)

Friedhofplatz, SolothurnOnce again I was in town, this time on a small shopping trip. It was a lovely Spring morning and instead of going to the supermarket outside town we decided to do the shopping in town, combining it with a cup of coffee at one of our street cafés. It was from my comfortable seat that I took this photo. I was not so satisfied and so I did the following.

Friedhofplatz, SolothurnI did another take, but this time just the rooftops. I found there was too much going on in the main square for a decent photo. By the way, perhaps I had mentioned it before, but the place is known as "Friedhofplatz" meaning cemetery square, so it is not advisable to do much digging there. It always seems to uncover some sort of skeleton somewhere from the olden days.

Anyhow now being satisfied with my rooftop picture I put it into Piknik and did a monochrome, twiddling a bit to achieve the depths I wanted. This time I kept the red rooftop colours. Did a bit of a vignette and frame in Piknik and here is the result.

Friedhofplatz, Solothurn

Larger Size

And now for my plus. It is almost a bit late for posting an easter picture, but I decided to do one. I don't really eat a lot of sweet stuff (diabetic) but now and again break the rule and Easter is one of those times, especially as my Mr. Swiss always gives me some sort of Easter present. This year it was one of the "famous" Swiss chocolate easter bunnies from the company Lindt. They are quite well known here and always have the famous bell around their little chocolate necks. I took a few photos of it with the intention of producing a family. I looked for a suitable background, and found one of some daffodils I took in the garden. Actually I was not so pleased with the photo as it was a difficult take laying in the dirt and I only managed to get half of what I wanted, but it formed a good background for my easter bunnies. I decided to just keep the yellow of the flowers and transformed the rest into monochrome. That was my background layer - all in Piknik. I then put it into CS3 photoshop as the basis layer and bunny picture then arrived. I isolated it and put it onto the background. Eventually I had one chocolate bunny looking straight ahead, probably the mother, and the others lined up. I altered the sizes of the children to make each one smaller than the other. I did this in four takes and flattened each take, just to be sure. Then it all went back into Piknik for the frame. Here is the result. Wishing all a happy Easter

Swiss family bunny

Larger Size

Mono Monday Plus #40 (MM #54)

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