Sunday, 5 April 2009

MULTIPLY Mono Monday Plus #39 (MM #53)

NarcissusSometimes I do tend to run out of ideas, and when I do there is always the good old pictures of flowers. Spring has now sprung in Switzerland and the warm weather is slowly creeping in. Now and again a bit of a chilly wind, but basically everything under control and now the daffodils are flowering in the garden. I have about 200 which have sort of collected over the years, so I took a few photos. Actually the name daffodil in English is "Osterglocke" in German which translated means "Easter Bell" - I find this name very appropriate. So I took my photo of the daffodil into piknik and did a monochrome, tuning it up with contrasts to reach the result I wanted. I then put the yellow center back into the flower and decided on a frame, also in piknik. I discovered ba accident that I could put two frames around a photo in piknik, adjusting to suit my taste. Here is the result.


Larger Size

Now for a plus. I have intended to do this for some time, so here it is. There is a Belgian painter known as Margritte. I always admired his paintings, a bit surrealistic, but he substituted faces for apples. I decided to do something similar. First of all as a basis I took a photo I had of a very grey stormy sky and turned the grey into blue to brighten it up a bit.

RoschtiThen I borrowed the neighbour's cat known as Roschti. He is very photogenic and just loves having his photo taken. I tried to get his head well in and this is the result. Strange, but just what I wanted. My next job was to take a photo of an apple. I made sure it was on a one coloured background (the kitchen table white) to make it easier to isolate it with the magic wand. My first layer was the blue sky and then I isolated Roschti from his background with the magic wand and put him on the blue sky. I then flattened this photo. The next layer was my apple. I also isolated the apple from the white background and superimposed it on Roschti's head. This was all done in photoshop CS3. I then flattened the photo and put it into piknik for a mirror frame. Admittedly Margritte had the idea first of all, but my copy is not too bad.

roschti and apple

Larger Size

Mono Monday Plus #39 (MM #53)

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