Tuesday, 21 April 2009

MULTIPLY Creative Challenge #49: Rays of Sunlight

Bright rays of sunlight kissing the roofs
This sounds so romantic and fine
It was an idea from a Multiply friend
But we had to organise sunshine
One day in Summer we were all ready
Around the world we would do our best
I think it began in the States somewhere
In Australia they made the rest
We were all ready with cameras poised
to take the sun’s rays as they came
Some countries were fine, the weather was good
But in others the sun was quite lame
I remember the day well, it was raining a lot
I kept watching and looked for the sun
It was sudden and short, the weather changed
grabbed my camera and then I did run
Of course there were clouds, above the roof tops
but the weather god decided to reward
A wide space arrived, the sun was smiling
My efforts for a sunset were in accord
So here is the photo, there were many to be seen
And here is the link for them all
The things that we do to have success in a blog
We are Multiply and we come at a call

Sunset over Feldbrunnen

Global Sunsets, The Album

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