Tuesday, 14 April 2009

MULTIPLY Creative Challenge #48: Lure


I was lured by thoughts of relaxing sleep
No alarm to tell me to rise
I am just relaxing in my own time
Not having to rub sleep out of eyes
Being able to plan a full day
Having no must or at once
No-one telling me what to do
Just living a life of substance
Just two years and then I will be free
My working life will be at an end
I can do what I want and lead my own life
In my calendar no longer week-end
Each day of the week is the same as the last
and will be the same as the next
Sounds almost boring, this not being the case
just read on in the following text
My two years of waiting have now been cut short
I am retired already they said
After twenty-nine years working it was now time to go
This thought was strange in my head
The arrangement was fair, was treated with respect
so I started to look at the truth
I was still quite active and fit more or less
Although no longer in youth
I rise in the morning and enjoy cleaning up
I now have the time and the lust
I go shopping for food and my husband comes too
We take time, there is not a must
I used to shop at lunch in between
and eat quickly before going to work
Now this is all gone, I can cook what I want
In the background no office does lurk
Afternoons are good, I can read or can write
Perhaps have a talk with a friend
I am very happy and lucky as well
I have so much free time to spend
I enjoy my retirement, it’s better than I thought
For my person it is really a cure
No, I do not miss the work, do not miss the stress
The call of work is no lure

Creative Challenge #48: Lure

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