Tuesday, 7 April 2009

MULTIPLY Creative Challenge #47 - Whispers

Tree and mouth and ear

Please whisper the words that I want to hear
Said the tree to the wind as it passed
I can tell you of lands that I left far behind
It is better when I give no forecast
There is hunger in the world, at the places I visit
No nature that stands in my way
No water, just dirt is all to be seen
These are sights that I see every day
There are wars being fought and no-one knows why
The reasons have long been forgotten
No-one is winning, but all has been lost
There are leaders that have souls being rotten
But here where I stand said the tree to the wind
I am firm and have water enough
Why can’t humans share all the wealth that they have
This world is becoming so rough
Oh tree if you knew what I saw in the forests
Where trees are standing no more
Your companions are gone, humans cleared them away
And now only left a dry floor
The rains falling down and doing their job
Just washing the surface away
There is no earth left to grow trees again
No place for the humans to stay
Dear wind I believe that things were much better
When we two were alone in the world
Our problems were few, we had all that was good
My trunk was not so much knurled
Sometimes it is better when we do not whisper
but we sing out and shout very loud
that the words can be heard by all of the people
and the wind and the tree can be proud

Creative Challenge #47 - Whispers

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