Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Shock in Langendorf amongst other things

Langendorf Klinik

Just a photo from the near bye village of Langendorf. I go shopping here almost every day, about 5-10 minutes drive from where I live as in this village is the biggest supermarket. It is a quiet village, surrounded by farm land and was once well known for the watchmaking industry. This industry has been reduced over the years and is now more to be found in the villages in the surrounding Jura mountain chain, so why am I showing Langendorf?

Langendorf is a village like any other. There are houses, families and naturally schools for the children. Our school system is similar to any other. Primary school for the youngest and then afterwards from the age of 10-11, the middle school. Today this village hit the Swiss news because of the middle school. My husband saw it on the computer and we have now been following the developments.

The headlines read "Stabbing in school in Langendorf, Solothurn" which was the first shock we had. Reading further a 15 year old attacked his desk neighbour with a knife during the morning break, injuring him seriously on the neck. He apparently used a filleting knife for the job with a blade measuring 12-15 centimeters. It must have been terrible for the kids at the school. It seems that one of the girls in the class was a mini heroin and immediately performed first aid help which was the best that could have been done under the circumstances. About 2-3 ambulances were called for to the school, but the victim was taken to the main hospital in Bern with his mother by helicopter. The class were cared for with psychiatric help. Apparently the attacker was also injured on his arm, but it seems the injuries were made by himself. He is now in a psychiatric clinic. The attack was completely unexpected. It is not a school where there are problems, and the school headmaster said he was completely surprised as there is a good climate at the school.

It just seems that today nothing is safe any more from such unpredicted outbursts. Last week a German student killed some students and teachers at his school in Germany and now on a small scale we have something similar in a small school house in a small Swiss village. My husband just told me that the latest report is that the victim is out of danger and will be ok. Thank goodness for that.

Otherwise we are going through the return of Winter at the moment. Today it snowed now and again, but it was wet snow and not laying around. It was a cat dormitory here today, all three spent the day sleeping indoors. They did not want to know anything about out in the fields looking for mice.

We had our annual general meeting this week of the people in the estate where I live to discuss various "problems" that occur. Over the past couple of years there were some aggressive discussions being carried out. This year was quieter, we were finished at ten in the evening thank goodness. The only problem seemed to be the case of the missing path lamps. There has been a lot of building going on here and a new path was built, which had to be illuminated. Whilst the path was being built it seems the builders buried two of the old lamps under the rubble and concrete. It was only discovered when the rubber insulation leading from the main electric supply were seen sticking out of a border which had been weeded a week before. Big problems, who told the builders to bury the lamps and who is going to replace them? As the lamps do not belong to a path that I use or need I just decided to listen. There were a few vehement words to be heard and a little bit of swearing going on, but I took it all with a pinch of salt as this time I could safely think "it is none of my business".

This week had a nice little surprise in the garden. I saw a bird that I don't often see, especially in Spring - well it is supposed to be Spring now. Anyhow thanks to my fast grasping of the situation I grabbed my camera and took a couple of photos. I had to blow up the photo afterwards otherwise the bird would have been reduced to a red speck in the branches, but here is the result. I think, am almost completely sure, that it is a robin. And now to drink my coffee.


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