Tuesday, 31 March 2009

MULTIPLY Visual Aid #3


Joe was at home the evening had come
and started to play his horn
The neighbours complained inside there was noise
They said he was a thorn

He had to find another place
to play his clarinet
It was then he sat outside to play
and could watch the sunset

It was just a hobby, nothing serious for him
He enjoyed rehearsing the tunes
It was such a shame when he had to stop
and the rain fell down in monsoons

However one day he was sitting there
And a lady passed his way
She dropped a coin in front of him
and then walked on with no say

Five minutes later the same thing happened
And on and on it went
At the end of the day he had plenty of money
Definitely more than fifty cent

The next day he had to go to work
His job was very well paid
But when he got home he went out on the street
His plan was already made

He earned so much with his job and his music
An idea he had very sly
The year went on, his playing was better
And so a house he did buy

So if you take a walk in the town
And hear a clarinet play
It is probably Joe sitting at home
with his clarinet playing all day.

Visual Aid #3

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