Tuesday, 10 March 2009

MULTIPLY - Rita's "Riting" Challenge #12: The Trucker and his book

In a world of his own he sat there
Turning the pages one at a time
Unaware of surrounding disturbance
Through the words he started to climb
He was reading his book

He had forgotten his truck outside
the bookshop, it was snowing
he did not want to drive further
a cold wind it was blowing
While he was reading his book

The shop was full of people
Some were staring his way
But he was lost in another world
Somewhere he wanted to stay
Because he was reading his book

Not dressed as the usual customer
I suppose this made him stand out
But he was not really caring
The others they can doubt
He just wanted to read his book

But then he looked at the window
The snow had come to a stop
He reluctantly put the book down
and walked out to the cold, so what
He thought as he stopped reading the book

He mounted the cabin of his truck
but part of him was left behind
He remembered the name of the book
He had kept it in his mind
He was already missing his book

The roads were icy it was a bad day
for bringing his load to afar
He needed a drink, he wanted to stop
Because he saw a bar
But he knew there would be no book

He wanted to pull over away from the road
but in front a car made a turn
The tyres had lost their hold on the ice
He stopped, but the truck started to burn
If only he had his book

The lorry was soon aflame with heat
The trucker could no longer leave
He had saved the lives of the people in front
But his book he wanted to retrieve
His only thought was his book

There is a bookshop on the highway
it is always closed at night
But if you look through the window
You might see a tiny light
The trucker was reading his book

Ritas "Riting" Challenge #12: The Trucker and his book

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