Tuesday, 3 March 2009

MULTIPLY Poetry Posse Week 21: Presenting Count Dracula

metal mask with background

The night was dark, just a solitary moon
casting its shadows, a victim would swoon
Come flying through the darkness bold
It was Count Dracula I was told
His appetite was large he wanted blood
He landed at the window, the damsel heard the thud
“Who is there” she called with a timid voice
“It is me, your master, now you can rejoice
I have made the journey from a far off land
I am now in England and find that so grand
So now open up your window so wide
I need an invitation so that I can come inside
You must look upon my eyes with delight
Oh woman fair, please don’t say good night”
The lady was caught in the vampire's ban
She opened the window, she let in the man
She was engulfed in feelings, she swam in his arms
The pricks in the neck were just part of his charms
He left the maiden after drinking his fill
He promised to return, he lived on the hill
In the early morning hours, it still was quite dark
Happiness was with him, he had now left his mark
Dracula returned to his coffin with a vampire’s leap
The daylight was coming and he needed his sleep
He repeated his visits quite often I was told
The maiden became undead, her life was now cold
But the days were numbered for the count and his gangs
There were too many people that did not like his fangs
One day he was found sleeping down in his crypt
His enemy came, with a stake was equipped
His foe took the weapon and drove in his heart
The time had come for Dracula to depart
His death came so quickly he really had no time
to think about fighting, was the end of his crime
Did Dracula exist? Perhaps only in the mind
Bram Stoker’s good book was an excellent find.

Poetry Posse - Week 21 - Presenting Count Dracula

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