Monday, 30 March 2009

MULTIPLY Pictures to Words #13 - Creative Writing

dinner in black and white

There they are again
I know they are talking about me
I just could not care less
What they are is plain to see

She is standing there
with her died black plastic hair
Her first husband is dead
but she really could not care

He was rich and fat
and he was such a fool
And then they found him drowned
In his own deep swimming pool

Now I would not say
That she was at a fault
She said it was an accident
I am sure she will never get caught

And so she married Jim
What a crook he is, not wise
With his delicate black moustache
And narrow shifty eyes

He married her a month
after her first was in the can
I am sure they worked together
to carry out the plan

And there we have poor Fred
With his hair that won’t lay down
That man is such a joke
even too stupid to be a clown

He is always hanging around
with her and Jim as well
They are the only people that talk to him
I just wish they would all go to hell

I think I will just ignore them
I have better things to do
My seventh husband just arrived
What they can do, I can do too.

Pictures to Words #13 - Creative Writing

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